GeoConex® has the ability to turn your 9-1-1 scheduling into a seamless operation with the innovative GeoConex® DataManager. This incredible product from GeoConex® will reduce the time it takes to address all of the current addresses for Emergency 911 Centers.


Before GeoConex® DataManager came along, Public Safety organizations and Homeland Security agencies had to manual review each paper list while comparing those same lists to an automatic computer comparison of the data that was provided by the reporting telephone company. If your organization is still doing data management the old-fashioned way, it is time to schedule a no obligation quotation with the professionals from GeoConex®.


The GeoConex® DataManager has the ability to filter each and every address according to phone numbers, name changes, and the Emergency Service number. Addresses with changed information will automatically be listed when you arrange for an installation of the GeoConex® DataManager.


When you talk to a skilled team member from GeoConex® you will be asked a series of questions regarding your existing 9-1-1 scheduling. After your consultation, GeoConex® will design and build a GeoConex® DataManager that will automate everything you need to help your public safety organization or homeland security agency run more smoothly and efficiently.


The GeoConex® DataManager comes with efficient importing meaning it can import and address data from the telephone company. The GeoConex® DataManager also provides you and your organization with data comparisons that will compare the received automation location information, or ALI, data to your existing GIS data.


With the GeoConex® DataManager, you can enjoy flexible updating which allows users to update the names, phone numbers, and the emergency service numbers. Your new GeoConex® DataManager will also provide your public safety organization or homeland security agency with a list of new addresses that allows users to keep track of new addresses that have not yet been added to the map.


Finally, your GeoConex® DataManager will provide you and your organization with analysis tools that will give your users reports on existing addresses with changes, new addresses and call totals by type that have been received from the automation location information.


Call GeoConex® today for a no obligation consultation. GeoConex® has the hardware and software tools to get your public safety organization or your homeland security agency running to its optimum level.