GeoConex® has developed an incredible modular solution for the Public Safety and Home Land Security organizations that enables first responders and emergency personnel to receive emergency reports by way of the humble cell phone. 

The E911, E-911, or E911 is an emergency phone system that is used in North America. These three digit numbers, which started in the UK back in 1937 have spread to countries and continents all over the planet. In 1991, Europe adopted the 112 number providing free emergency calls. 

The 911 system will automatically locate and associate the location that the call was made from. This may be a physical address or some other geographic reference in order to dispatch the information to first responders including fire, ambulance, and police. Locating the emergency automatically makes it quicker and easier to locate the resources, especially when finding the exact location can be nearly impossible. If you have ever wondered how a search and rescue team has been able to find a stranded person in the middle of nowhere, it has to do with the hardware and software solutions provided by GeoConex®. 

Thanks to the new Mobile Suite created by the genius of GeoConex®, Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations can now rely on mobile hardware and software solutions. The new mobile suite, which was created in 2013, features two mobile applications, The Mobile Reporter™, and the Mobile Responder™. Both of these solutions work with the GeoConex® NG911 CAD. 

The Mobile Reporter™ enables those who are in distress or others who are reporting an emergency to automatically be directed to the dispatch center of the particular Public Safety or Homeland Security organization. With GeoConex® modular solutions, your emergency personnel are equipped with the ingenious Mobile Responder™ app allowing fire fighters, police, and other emergency crew to hear the incident enabling them to get to the scene of the emergency much quicker. The Mobile Responder™ from GeoConex® actually serves as an intelligent mobile data terminal that provides emergency personnel with critical data including post-incident reports, and status updates. 

The Mobile Suite from GeoConex® is an extension of the NG911 CAD and data terminal products that allows homeland security and public safety organizations the ability to stay connected to their emergency personnel, 24/7, wherever they may be. 

Some of the incredible features include real time GPS cellular location tracking, an integrated panic button and an on the fly incident creation. 

To learn more about new Mobile Suite, schedule a no obligation consultation with the professionals from GeoConex®.