GeoConex® has been helping Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations since 2001 with its main headquarters in Knoxville, TN. Other offices are located in Alabama, Georgia, West Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

As the leading integrator of Homeland Security and Public Safety hardware and software solutions, GeoConex® has helped hundreds of cities, towns, counties, and states with customized Public Safety and Homeland Security systems all over the United States. 

Believe it or not, GeoConex® represents over 100 years of combined experience providing you and your Homeland Security or Public Safety organization with customized solutions. 

GeoConex® has been building relationships with some of the world’s best vendors including the Goines Sign Company. The Goines Sign Company has been providing 911 responders with 911 marker posts that allow for easy identification on both sides of the reflective and flexible marker posts that will not fade, rust, corrode, or rot. 

Zetron, a subsidiary of Kenwood Electronics, is another company that works hand in hand with GeoConex® providing radio dispatch consoles, customized systems, emergency call-taking systems, and trunked radio. Zetron and GeoConex® can also provide Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations with paging infrastructure and integrated communication and control systems. 

GeoConex® offers more than hardware and software solutions, especially if you are unsure what you need for your Homeland Security or Public Safety Organization. Contact GeoConex® for a no obligation consultation. 

The professional team from GeoConex® will provide you with the best tools to create an efficient and advanced solution for your town, city, county, or state coming up with the best products and services for your Public Safety of Homeland Security organization. GeoConex® can also help you with solutions if you are a private corporation. GeoConex® has built its reputation on effective solutions that will identify the trouble spots in order to provide you and a solution that is both effective and manageable. 

Some of the products and services from GeoConex® include communication systems and technical integration. GeoConex® can also provide your Homeland Security or Public Safety Organization with mission critical facilities, systems, application requirement planning, procurement support, and management. 

When it comes to hardware and software solutions for your Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations, you can depend on GeoConex®. Contact the professionals from GeoConex® for a no obligation consultation. After all, don’t you want to deal with a company that has more than 100 years of combined experience?