GeoConex® Always Fresh and Forever New

Since 2001, GeoConex® has been the leader when it comes to Public Safety and Homeland Security. GeoConex® provides integrated and comprehensive services to government agencies across the United States. 

The job of GeoConex® is to gather and maintain data that is accurate while sharing that information with other departments and other districts within that particular organization. Using hardware and software solutions, GeoConex® gives companies the ability to share vital information with seamlessly existing IT infrastructures or completely new systems. 

Every day, security agencies and public safety organizations need to manage situations that produce huge amounts of critical data. It is vital that this information is available immediately in order to provide effective solutions regardless of the situation. 

With GeoConex® solutions the 911 dispatchers who take the initial emergency calls are able to get the information to the first responders including police, fire fighters, and ambulance crew. When seconds really matter those first on the scene rely on the best software solutions from GeoConex® in order to deliver the most reliable and concise information. With GeoConex®, information is delivered from the 911 dispatchers to the officers, firefighters, and paramedics in the field. 

Public Safety and Homeland Security software provides organizations with the tools needed in order to manage the critical information as it becomes generated. GeoConex® EMS Software Solutions enable Public Safety and Homeland Security Industries the ability to provide the timeliest responses when critical situations arise. 

When it comes to emergencies, knowing where to go is crucial, and that is where GIS, from GeoConex® comes in. By using modern cartography, which is the study and practicing of making maps, along with geographic information science, or GIS, GeoConex® can build custom interactive maps using the best software technology available today. Each map is built to the client’s specific needs whether it is for an online system or a map for your website. Detailed maps featuring neighborhoods, parks, coastlines, streets, and highways can be designed when you schedule a no obligation quotation with GeoConex®. 

Other straight of the art technology available from GeoConex® includes the comprehensive maintenance program, training solutions for your Public Safety or Homeland Security organization, consulting services, and JMS, or jail management solutions. 

Always fresh, and forever new, GeoConex® is constantly adding to its lineup of products and thanks to the talented team representing over 100 years of combined service, GeoConex® is about to announce a new and exciting product that will forever revolutionize Public Safety and Homeland Security.