Understanding the Importance of GIS Mapping

GeoConex understands the importance of GIS Mapping and offers an essential tool for Public Safety and Homeland Security agencies making it possible to get the crime data immediately. 

GeoConex along with its partners can build you a custom interactive map using the best technology in order to meet your needs whether it is traditional print maps, or entire online systems. With GeoConex, you can even have a map designed specifically for your website. 

Most crime data has specific locations and can be added to your GIS Mapping. The location of citation issuances, accidents, registered sex offenders, accidents, crime locations, and suspects can all be added thanks to the GIS Mapping Software offered by GeoConex. With the Mapping Software, you can also determine hotspots and patterns based on the types of crimes that have been committed. 

If your Public Safety or Homeland Security agency had the GIS Mapping Software installed your law enforcement could be more effective because of the ability to identify spatial patterns. As an example, locations can be set by priority when it comes to law enforcement activities like prostitution or drug stings based on the prevalence of those crimes in certain areas. 

Law enforcement agencies have the ability to position sobriety checkpoints based on impaired driver accidents and arrest records. Your team can cross-reference your data from different sources including suspects and crime incidents. It is even possible for you to investigate a series of crimes that have a connection such as arson, murder, or rape. 

GeoConex GIS Mapping makes it possible to find out how effective your law enforcement programs are. One of the ways this can work is by comparing your accident data before and after setting up a neighborhood patrol and checkpoints. 

If your Public Safety or Homeland Security organization is faced with a disaster, you can use GeoConex GIS Mapping to help you identify your evacuation routes and help you to determine the best places for your emergency shelters. 

When it comes to GIS Mapping Software, you cannot go past the performance of GeoConex. Your GIS Mapping Software even has routing tools that allow you to find routes for multiple locations. Your new GeoConex Mapping Software can also help with non-emergencies like subpoenas. 

GIS Mapping for the web will help you and your Public Safety and Homeland Security agency with interactive map applications and for services on the internet. Thanks to GeoConex, your law enforcement agencies have the ability to share data within their own communities. Because of the interactive maps, residents can find evacuation routes, the closest emergency shelter, and any other valid information.