Public Safety and Homeland Security in 2014

Happy New Year! The next 12 months are going to be promising for the Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations with GeoConex offering townships, counties, cities and states the opportunity to update their old software and hardware in order to keep up with changing populations, additional neighborhoods and new shopping malls. GeoConex has the tools and latest innovations to make sure that every emergency is taken care of sooner rather than later. 

After 9/11 in 2001, everything changed. Public Safety and Homeland Security Organizations increased manpower and updated their 911 software and hardware. GeoConex began designing, building, and installing Public Safety and Homeland Security systems that same year. 

Since that time GeoConex and its talented team with over 100 years of combined experience has provided customized solutions to the Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations. Working with the best vendors in the industry for hardware and software solutions, every Public Safety and Homeland Security system that is installed will provide you and your organization with the best solution for your particular needs.   

9/11 was a wakeup call. The worst terrorist attack in human history that is still etched in everyone’s minds almost 13 years later was heart wrenching for everyone, but especially for those who knew firsthand how devastating the deadly attack actually was. 

Just one person was able to escape from the south tower with just mere seconds to spare. When Canadian Ron DiFrancesco tried to escape after the first plane hit the North Tower he was thrown into a wall, but managed to escape by descending to the ground flower before the rest of the building collapsed behind him.   

Twenty people escaped with their lives surviving the collapse of the World Trade Center being rescued from the remains of the devastating collapse. William Jimeno and John McLoughlin were buried alive for nearly two days. 

After the damage was done more than 80 nationalities lost their lives with Britain and the United States losing the most. 

Before the attack, occurred conspirators were sending out secret coded messages to other terrorists on the web. 

All of these facts about 9/11 may or may not have occurred had the United States Public Safety and Homeland Security organizations been using updated software and hardware to detect potential terrorist attacks. One thing is for certain, had 9/11 just been a nightmare Public Safety and Homeland Security Organizations may not have been forced to step into the 21st century with new software and hardware from GeoConex.