GeoConex® understands that seconds matter when it comes to a disaster or an emergency, and if your public safety or homeland security organization is not using the latest public safety software from GeoConex® those seconds could turn in to minutes that could cost lives.


Public safety and homeland security organizations just like yours rely on state of the art emergency software in order to deliver reliable and concise information to first responders. With GeoConex® hardware and software solutions your 911 dispatchers are able to share knowledge instantly with the officers who are in the field. As you know, information can change drastically from minute to minute, and if you have not installed hardware and software solutions from GeoConex® that traffic accident could turn into a more deadly situation.


The hardware and software solutions from GeoConex® will give you and your public safety, homeland security or justice organization the ability to streamline all communications across multiple platforms and responding agencies. This allows collaboration and a reduction in operational costs. GeoConex® represents all of the critical components you need in order to provide you with a seamless solution for all of your hardware or software issues or stand-alone products.


GeoConex® can provide your organization with Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management Systems, or RMS, Mobile Computing, JMS, or Jail Management Systems, Web Applications and Justice.


Some of the benefits you will get from working with the team of professionals from GeoConex® include shared real time data between the officers in the field and dispatch, multi-jurisdictional support enabling your staff to provide stronger and more accurate information sharing, integration with additional systems, officer safety.


When you install GeoConex® hardware and software, you can expect the support of external data sources like Google Maps. GeoConex® will also enable your public safety or homeland security organization the ability to simplify all capabilities.


Contact a representative from GeoConex® today for all of your public safety, homeland security, and justice hardware and software solutions.