It seems like everything is going mobile these days, including GeoConex®. Always on the edge of technology, GeoConex® has been working on a brand new product that will revolutionize Public Safety and Home Land Security. This new mobile application will get the first responders to the scene of the incident in record time. GeoConex® will be unveiling Mobile Suite in the coming weeks featuring Mobile Responder and Mobile Reporter. 

Since 2001, GeoConex® has been among a handful of leaders when it comes to Public Safety and Homeland Security systems. GeoConex® provides integrated and comprehensive services to US municipalities, counties, states, and government agencies. 

GeoConex® has been providing Public Safety and Home Land Security with the most intelligent software and hardware for fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s departments, and 911 call centers all over the United States. 

When it comes to safety you can rely on GeoConex® who will incorporate Training and a Comprehensive Maintenance Program once your new software and hardware has been installed. GeoConex® will consult with you and your Public Safety or Homeland Safety Organization giving you the tools you need to create the most advanced, and efficient business solutions for your municipality, county, state of government agency. GeoConex® will work with you and your team to identify the opertational issues and problem areas in order to provide you and your organization with an effective solution. 

GeoConex® can also provide your Public Safety or Home Land Security organization with Data and Storage Recovery. Backing up your data is imperative, especially if disaster strikes. GeoConex® will back up files, directories, and or servers keeping your data offsite and safe. 

Some organizations and companies will backup data and store it offsite, usually a managers home or an employee in the same city. Unfortuantely, your data will not be safe if a tornado or hurricane touches down. 

GeoConex® recommends a comprehensive disaster and recovery plan should an earthquake or fire destroy all of your backup tapes, drives and disks. With GeoConex®, you decide what data you need backed up to the data storage facility. Because your data is backed up at given intervals, your data is safe and secure should disaster strike. With GeoConex® restoring data is easy whether you have an entire server or a single file. 

With all of the cyber attacks going on in the United States and overseas, it is vital that you protect your important data. 

Call GeoConex® today for a no obligation quote. The people of your cities and towns depend on Public Safety and Homeland Security to keep them safe.