The GeoConex ® Corporation has been combining the best technology, products, and services to the Public Safety industry and is the leader when it comes to integrating the safety of the public, and Homeland Security systems.


When Geoconex ® first opened its doors in 2001 they brought together a team of talented professionals who have over 100 years of combined service working with vendors who have the capabilities to provide comprehensive solutions to every sector in the public safety industry. Geconex ® uses the best hardware and software solutions that provide you with everything you need from consulting, training, and digital data to cartographic design, GIS mapping services and comprehensive maintenance programs. 


Since September 11, 2001, Public Safety has changed in a big way with municipalities, counties, and states implementing strategic changes to protect and to serve. Airports were the first to incorporate major changes to security with other government agencies quickly following suit. Public buildings have also changed their security requiring employees to enter the workplace with security badges. Of course, this requires state-of-the-art technology that allows for seamless integration with IT infrastructures. If this is not possible, GeoConex ® can work with you in order to provide an efficient solution to meet your expanding needs when it comes to Public Safety and Homeland Security.  


The GeoConex ® Mobile Map Maker is just one of the innovative products that provide service to towns, cities, Home Land Security systems and Public Safety systems. By using the GeoConex ® editor and the real time GPS tracking technology, entire counties are able to provide accurate landmarks and changes including home addresses, natural gas valves, and helicopter landing areas. This enables first responders to save lives by being able to get to the disaster safer and faster.  Of course, it is not easy to readdress an entire county, and that is where GeoConex ® comes in. By collecting current data, the professional team from GeoConex ® is able to save your agency time, and most importantly, money, especially during these uncertain economic times.


With the Geoconex ® Data Manager, your municipality can greatly reduce the time needed to keep up with the current addresses used for emergency 911 centers. By updating the manual paper lists to an efficient computer comparison data center, every address change is automatically updated allowing your agency to filter names, addresses, and phone numbers.


GeoConex ® operates from its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee with locations throughout the Southeast. GeoConex ® has kept up with the times and the economy by designing and developing new products and user-friendly solutions that are cost effective for Public Safety and Homeland Security systems. GeoConex ® understands how important it is to increase the accuracy of your data and productivity. Call today and set up a no obligation consultation with GeoConex ®, your data depends on it.