GeoConex® has always been on the leading edge of technology when it comes to Public Safety and Homeland Security. Hardware and software solutions include Back up and Disaster Recovery, Mobile Mapmaker, SALI, Data Manager and the MG 911 CAD to name just a few, GeoConex® is continually developing new systems that make it easier for first responders and government agencies to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


The AVL, or Automated Vehicle Location Monitoring System has been generating interest for decades with GPS technologies and cellular communication systems opening the door for much needed opportunities. AVL from GeoConex® enables real time data to be transferred to decentralized and centralized processors instantly in your Public Safety or Homeland Security systems architecture. AVL, or the Automated Vehicle Location Monitoring System, is a combination of equipment that utilizes cellular, radio and mobile communications along with GPS technology that will improve the performance and fleet management of your organization. GeoConex® is able to install Automated Vehicle Location Monitoring Systems that will remotely track your vehicles by using wireless communications networks and channels.  The GeoConex® AVL System can continuously track all of your first responder vehicles in a specified service area. This will assist your dispatchers by locating the closest first responder in an emergency. The GeoConex® Automated Vehicle Location Monitoring System helps to minimize the response time throughout the service area. GeoConex® AVL System enables your organization to respond in record time to an emergency, disaster, or Homeland Security incident, helping to save lives.


The GeoConex® Automated Vehicle Location Monitoring also includes reporting functions that will generate reports on a specific emergency vehicle within a specific timeframe. These reports include location, vehicle speed, distance traveled, and time at location. The information that is gathered from these reports can then be plotted along with the emergency vehicle route on a map.


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