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Grainger County TN ECD Deploys NextGen CAD System for Emergency Response

Jun 16 2009

GeoConex® Corporation and Grainger County ECD announced today the successful deployment of a new Next Generation Computer Aided Dispatch System.  With the GeoConex® NG911 CAD system, 911 call information and data appear instantly on the dispatcher's screens so that emergency response units can be quickly routed to the location of the incident.  Not only does the GeoConex® NG911 CAD system provide all the typical CAD functionality traditional legacy CAD systems offer, the GeoConex® NG911 CAD system is ready for the Next Generation of 9-1-1 with its ability to accept the various data streams associated with the developing new 9-1-1 infrastructure.  GeoConex® Chief Technology Officer, Ken Murphy, states, "In today's evolving Next Generation 9-1-1 environment it is very important for a solution provider to be flexible in their approach not only in their software development model but in their response to the ever changing needs of the customer and the environment.  At GeoConex® we re-engineered our Computer Aided Dispatch software using state of the art technology to allow our software to be nimble enough in its design to meet these needs.  Our team consists of the best of the best and our approach to software and our customer-centric method of operation makes us unique in this industry.  GeoConex® is pleased to have Grainger County ECD as a member of our GeoConex® community.  We look forward to working with Grainger County ECD for many years into the future."

Randy Holt, Grainger County ECD Director, comments. "In March of 2004 Grainger County ECD went live with enhanced Phase II 911.  The base mapping and mapping equipment was from GeoConex®.  Since then we have used the map to add important locations on the map for fast easy access for our Dispatchers.  We have plotted locations such as highway mile markers, homes of Sex Offenders and Helicopter landing zones with GPS.  We use the Latitude and Longitude function in the map for all medical, rescue and law enforcement helicopters flying into Grainger County for a much faster response.  In 2005 GeoConex® add 6" resolution imagery provided by Image America to their mapping solution .  This improved all the obvious aspects of the map such as accuracies of the map and more precise dispatching.  It also has cut our driving almost completely out to assign new addresses.  We went further by overlaying digital floor plans to scale directly onto each and every school with in the county.  Now on the base map all school floor plans are visible with room numbers rather than a dot or circle so dispatchers can direct emergency responders into and within the school.  The GeoConex® map has and continues to be the most valuable tool Grainger County ECD has for our dispatch center.  Our philosophy is if we can't find you we can't help you and GeoConex® has made that part easier and faster.

In June 2008 we replaced our existing CAD vendor with GeoConex® for a total integration of CAD and Map.  GeoConex® has and is still working with us to customize our reports we use for the many different emergency responding agencies within our county.  We look forward to working with GeoConex® in the upcoming years with next generation coming on as well as some of their other products such as AVL and Emergency Notification."