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GeoConex set to unveil new release of Mobile CAD at 2011 APCO Conference in Philadelphia PA

Aug 02 2011

GeoConex Corporation today announced it will unveil the new release of their Mobile CAD at the upcoming 2011 APCO International Conference and Expo in Philadelphia, PA this August. 

GeoConex has developed their newest edition to provide improved user interface as well as enhanced NCIC query capabilities. By using the GeoConex Mobile CAD, public safety employees working in the field are able to increase response time and accuracy of dispatch location with reduced radio traffic. 

The GeoConex Mobile CAD is built on the Next Generation CAD Engine and uses state of the art technology to ensure the communications back to the 9-1-1 center are encrypted and secure. Along with enhanced NCIC query capabilities, the new release will include features such as NCIC photos and the ability to add NCIC query results to CAD incidents. The new version also features an improved chat interface, prior incidents and unit reports. The improved map interface will allow users to see the incident location, track themselves and see other vehicles on the map. Additional features include an administrative control for AVL and a radio communications log. 

GeoConex Chief Technology Officer Ken Murphy states “Everyone in this industry knows how important it is for units responding to a call for service to have immediate access to pertinent information. The real time information and communication capabilities of the new Mobile CAD product will enhance the performance of the responders and dispatchers alike. On-Scene times will be reduced; radio traffic and chatter will be reduced as the unit has all the information at his fingertips. The reduction of stress for both the units in the field and the dispatchers is measurable. It’s a game changer.”

GeoConex Corporation (http://www.geoconex.com) has been serving the public safety industry since 2001. GeoConex is a leading developer and integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security systems. GeoConex provides comprehensive and integrated services to government agencies in US municipalities, counties, and states.GeoConex’s 911 integrated technology was planned by a talented team that represents over 100 years of combined experience. To provide comprehensive solutions for Public Safety and Homeland Security entities, GeoConex works with a variety of vendors of software and hardware solutions to provide each customer with the best solution to fit their needs.

GeoConex offers a wide range of software solutions including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile CAD, database management, jail management, records management and mapping.