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Lake Cumberland Area Development District Selects GeoConex® CAD and Map for Five Counties

May 21 2015

May 18, 2015:  GeoConex® Corporation has been awarded a contract through the Lake Cumberland Area Development District to provide Dispatch CAD and Map software for the 911 dispatch centers in Adair, Clinton, Pulaski, Russell and Wayne Counties in Kentucky.


GeoConex® NG911 (Next Generation 911) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) is a comprehensive dispatching tool that has options for use by both dispatchers and supervisory personnel to give optimum dispatch performance. The dispatcher can easily distinguish the status of active calls, while recording various status times, radio communications history, and historical calls. This multipurpose tool also allows the dispatcher to schedule home checks, pre-planned events such as funerals, and wrecker dispatch using automatic company rotation. With CAD, the dispatcher can give emergency personnel information on street directions, hazardous situations, or medical histories related to the address. Supervisors can use this effective tool to print reports of incident and unit response times, or produce a custom designed report. Supervisory personnel can also use the messaging feature to leave employee messages which appear when the dispatcher logs onto the system at shift start.

GeoConex® Next Generation Viewer is a data access and decision support solution for emergency response organizations.  Running standalone or integrated with your computer-aided dispatch software.   GeoConex® Next Generation Viewer instantaneously displays the mapped location, with or without aerial photographs, along with other mission-critical information.  This information can include details on callers, residents, utilities, and other geographic information system (GIS) entities such as fire-hydrant locations—even hazardous material and historical medical and event data.  Using GeoConex® Next Generation Viewer, dispatchers are able to quickly and efficiently provide routing assistance and important landmark information to emergency response personnel.  In addition, they can identify where a location lies in relation to the road or existing structure.

GeoConex® Corporation (www.geoconex.com) has been serving the public safety industry since 2001.  GeoConex® is a leading developer and integrator of public-safety and Homeland Security systems.  GeoConex® provides comprehensive and integrated services to US government agencies in municipalities, counties, and states.

GeoConex®’s 911 integrated technology was planned by a talented team that represents over 200 years of combined experience.  To address the complex demands of modern public-safety and Homeland Security entities, GeoConex® works with a variety of software and hardware vendors to provide each customer with the best solution to fit their needs.  GeoConex® offers a wide range of software solutions including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile CAD, database management, jail management, records management and mapping.