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GeoConex Offers Training to Customers in Response to COVID-19

Apr 08 2020

GeoConex® Corporation, a leading provider and integrator of Public Safety and Homeland Security systems since 2001, today announced the company’s active and ongoing assistance being offered to its customers and partners in response to COVID-19, both nationally and internationally.

“Our products have features and tools designed to assist telecommunicators and responders with the identification, response to, and management of a variety of emergency scenarios, including potential COVID-19 responses. We understand that it is very critical that our customers gather and maintain accurate data. We realize the need to share this information with other districts and with other departments within their emergency response system.” states Ken Murphy, CTO for GeoConex®.

Users of the GeoConex® or GeoConex® Calico Computer Aided Dispatch products can “flag” specific addresses that will alert a telecommunicator to any auxiliary medical or hazard information.
• Multiple quarantined and infectious individuals can be identified per address
• Visual alerts will notify the user of additional information
GeoConex® Calico Map Viewer users have an added benefit of “Red-Lining.” Red-lining allows users to add a dynamic point, polygon, or line directly to the map that is instantly available to all users. Once created, information can be added to help identify specific information related to the “red-line.”

“Choosing the best tool for the job is vital for the safety of a customer’s personnel and private citizens. GeoConex® is committed to ensuring our customers and partners know all the tools available,” reports Craig Dotson, President for GeoConex®. GeoConex® Account Managers and Support Technicians are actively contacting our customers and resellers to provide any additional training or support necessary.” All GeoConex® customers and resellers are also reminded that, should they need assistance, they can reach GeoConex® Technical Support toll-free at 877-396-7315.

About GeoConex® Corp: GeoConex® provides comprehensive and integrated services to government agencies in US municipalities, counties, and states, as well as internationally. Our talented team represents hundreds of years of combined experience. We are confident that our products and services exceed the demands of today and help prepare for the requirements of the future.

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