GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Mobile Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


GeoConex®  Mobile CAD—NG911 Readyis a comprehensive computer-aided dispatching tool that both dispatchers and supervisory personnel can use for optimum dispatching performance.  Dispatchers can easily distinguish the status of active calls while updating status times, entering radio communications history, and reviewing call histories.  This multipurpose tool also allows the dispatcher to schedule home checks, pre-plan events such as funerals, and send wreckers using automatic wrecker company rotation.  With GeoConex®  Mobile CAD the dispatcher can give emergency personnel street directions, describe hazardous situations, or recall medical histories related to the caller’s address.  Supervisors can use this  effective tool to print reports of incident and unit response times, or produce a custom-designed report.  Supervisory personnel can also use the messaging feature to leave employee messages which appear when the dispatcher logs onto the system at the beginning of their shift. GeoConex® Mobile CAD is built on the Next Generation CAD Engine and uses state of the art technology to ensure the communications back to the 9-1-1 center are encrypted and secure. 

 Mobile CAD


  • Complete Mobile GIS Solution which can display the same map the dispatchers see so points of reference are the same
  • Officer Self Status so the officer can place himself En-route, On-Scene and Cleared.
  • Secure Chatting between dispatch and the officer in the field allowing non-radio based communication
  • In Car AVL for officers in the field to know who is around them and where.
  • Internal E-Mail from the car.
  • NCIC Query Ability from the car.
  • Local Warrant and BOLO Query when paired with the GeoConex RMS system.
  • Officer Panic Button which will alert all of the dispatchers when an officer needs assistance.
  • Mark Location for officers to mark the location of a point of interest to come back to later.