GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Automated Vehicle Location/Vehicle Maintenance System (AVL/VMS)


GeoConex® AVL / VMS (Automated Vehicle Location /Vehicle Monitoring System) is a combination of methodologies and equipment which utilizes GPS technology, cellular/radio/mobile communications, GIS mapping, and a robust, friendly and intelligent interface to assist in improving overall fleet management and performance.  GeoConex® AVL / VMS allows remote tracking of vehicles by using a wireless communications channel or network.  In addition, GeoConex® AVL / VMS continuously tracks all first responder vehicles in a specified service area, assists the dispatcher in locating the closest first responder to an emergency, and helps minimize response time throughout the service area.  Being able to respond quickly to a disaster, emergency, or Homeland Security incident save lives.   

GeoConex® AVL / VMS also includes reporting functions that allow reports to be generated on a specific vehicle within a specific timeframe, timeframes for all vehicles, fleet reports, etc. Reports such as, vehicle speed, location, time at location, and distance traveled.  The information from these reports can be plotted along with the vehicle route on a map.




Automated Vehicle Location/Vehicle Monitoring System



  • Improves utilization of existing transportation resources
  • Increases dispatch efficiency
  • Interfaces with most current radio/cellular/mobile communication systems
  • Works with vehicles installed with a data-capable communications unit
  • GIS data gathering occurs as long as the unit/vehicle is logged into the system
  • Uses existing data transmissions -- minimal data bandwidth impact
  • Permits automatic determination, display, and control of the position and movement of entire fleet throughout the service area from one central location or multiple locations depending on district structure and organization
  • Shows vehicle status, type, travel direction, speed, and agency of origin
  • Simultaneously displays multiple map views
  • Display of monitored events occurs in real-time, at regular intervals, or upon command
  • Assists in finding vital personnel needed to provide assistance while hastening response
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast, efficient, and affordable to implement