GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® DataManager


GeoConex® DataManager is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to keep addresses current for E-911 centers.  It revolutionizes the manual method of reviewing paper lists to an automatic computer comparison of data provided by phone company reporting.  Addresses with changed information are automatically  listed, with the ability to filter addresses according to changes to name, phone number, and or ESN (Emergency Service Number) number.





DataManager Example

DataManager Report Example


  • Efficient Importing—Imports  address data from the phone company
  • Data Comparisons—Compares received Automatic Location Information (ALI) data to existing GIS data
  • Flexible Updating—Allows user to update name, phone number, and/or ESN number
  • New Addresses—Provides a list of new addresses and allows the user to keep track of addresses not yet added to the map
  • Analysis Tools—Provides reports on existing addresses with changes, new addresses, and call totals by type received from the ALI