GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Records Management System (RMS)


GeoConex®  Record Management System, or RMS software suites and integrated products are available from GeoConex®  and numerous partners. With GeoConex®  RMS, your public safety or homeland security organization will be provided with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and insight to security options and public safety.

With GeoConex®  Record Management Systems your security and law enforcement agencies will have the ability to manage records and processing. Every part of your operation will be automated including case management, field reporting, statistical reporting, personnel activity and much more.

The RMS Software suites and integrated products available from GeoConex®  and their partners enables you to enhance public safety, accurately predict threats and even analyze and solve crimes.

Fire and Rescue organizations can maximize effectiveness with GeoConex®  Record Management Systems as they streamline workflow and automate operations. GeoConex®  will integrate with your mobile and dispatch system in order to accelerate your processing allowing your team members to stay focused on where they are needed most.

Let GeoConex®  streamline your operation with the finest Record Management Systems for your public safety of homeland security organization. Call 888-610-5116 today for a no obligation quote. After all, the safety of your municipality, county and state depends on it.


  • System Integration GeoConex® RMS module integrates with our GeoConex® JMS and GeoConex® CAD modules, thus eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Witness Tracking — Information such as name, address, phone number, employer, SSN, driver’s license number, etc., can be recorded for an unlimited number of witnesses.
  • Master Name List — Names and associated information such as D.O.B., SSN, last known address, etc., are automatically added to this file.  If a user is entering data on another form, and a name is found in this list, the user is notified, and the information is entered in the appropriate fields, reducing data-entry time.
  • Vehicular Accident Diagrams — An integrated vehicular accident diagramming function.  This allows the user to create an accident diagram on the screen.  Drawing is made simple through the use of a toolbar.  The accident diagram becomes a part of the accident file.
  • Property Involved — Details of property involved in the commission of a crime can be recorded in the Property tab.

Drag and Drop Features:

  • Warrant System — Keeps track of outstanding warrants.  When a subject is arrested, the warrant is removed form the active warrant file automatically.
  • Evidence Manager — Maintains a record of all evidence related to a specific crime.
  • Custom  Reports — Allows the user to create and print their own reports, based on user-defined criteria.
  • Crime Scene Photos —Imports photographs taken at a crime scene and links those photos to the investigation module.