GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Stand Alone ALI (SALI)


GeoConex®  Stand Alone ALI (SALI) maintains the integrity of 911 data and data processes while vendor neutrally interfacing with any CAD and phone controller.  With consistent data flow, flexibility and efficiency, the GeoConex® SALI manages the ALI database while providing accurate and up-to-date information.




¨ Efficient Importing — works with any service provider

¨ Data Comparisons —  full automatic or manual mode

¨ Data Management — one location for ALI data management

¨ Training — GeoConex provides training and support

¨ Discrepancy Reports — full discrepancy reports with automated work flow for correction

¨ Easy to make changes — allows service providers to automatically transmit daily change requests via secure FTP or push/pull

¨  Automatic Updates — changes are automatic; edits happen instantaneously through ALI database

¨ Input Checks — ability to run discrepancy checks against service provider input files

¨ Database — supports any combination of in-house verses external database

¨ Next Generation i3 aligned — adhere to NG i3 XML standards

¨ GIS — enables GIS MSAG synchronization

¨ Cellular Component — supports Cellular Phase I/II solutions: including J-STD-036 and E2+.  Supports the i2 NENA standard for VoIP platform

¨ Daily Audits

¨ Rigorous Validation Checks