GeoConex® Product Suite

GeoConex® Editor


GeoConex® Editor handles the entire mapping, addressing, and reporting needs of emergency response organizations.  These maps and integrated data enable GeoConex® Viewer software, providing a complete automated map-viewing system used by city, county, and state emergency response centers.  The GeoConex® solution facilitates integration with other departments and agencies and offers smooth interoperability with leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD and geographic information system (GIS).

Interactive tools make it easy to route roads and generate addressing according to your standards, as well as automate specific E-911 information such as Emergency Service Number (ESN) and Master street Address Guide (MSAG) boundaries.




Editor Example


  • Customizable System Settings – Easily recognize routes, political and ESN boundaries through the use of map levels, colors, weight, and line styles
  • Automatic or Manual Routing — Specialized tools for easy routing of road segments can be used in either manual or automatic modes.  Modifications to existing routes because of city limit shift, addressing requirements or emergency service contract changes are inevitable.  GeoConex® Editor makes it easy to extend, remove, change the direction, merge, and split existing routes
  • Street AddressingGeoConex® Editor supports equal interval and segment-based addressing.  Determine addresses based on street segment beginning addresses, address increment, a set spacing between addresses, a set block length and a block increment or control the address range, independently, with each segment.  Easy-to-use database importing tools streamline the bulk loading of existing E-911 address information
  • Assigning MSAG Identifiers — MSAG data is automatically generated and maintained on roads that have been routed, named, and addressed in the system
  • Output and Presentation of Emergency Response DataGeoConex® Editor simplifies the creation and production of E-911 locator maps with automated labeling function for information such as street names and address ranges
  • Image ManagementGeoConex® Editor provides access to a variety of image data, including aerial photographs, satellite imagery and scanned maps, and drawings.  High-end imaging tools allow you to integrate images into your vector maps
  • The Total SolutionGeoConex® Editor and other municipal applications deliver powerful and comprehensive geo-engineering technology for municipalities, including E-911 agencies, power providers, appraisal and parcel management, water authorities and mapping agencies.  Easy-to-use interfaces automate the workflow process