GreenLine Products sold through GeoConex® -- Identification Markers

Benefits of Use
  • Saves lives by faster location of home or building.
  • Reduces response time for 911 emergency assistance.

One-Piece Marker Installation

Installation is quickly completed by one person using our lightweight aluminum hand tools (driver and guide tube).  Installation can also be completed using an auger to core a 4" - 6" diameter hole to the required depth of 18" - 24".

Guide Tube ensures perpendicular alignment Post Driver easily tamps post to the required burial depth

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  • Hydrant markers available in all colors and profiles with blue reflective sheeting

GreenLine Products used by Emergency Responders

For more information contact us at the phone number or email below.

Reflective Numbering

  • Two Sided markers allow clear vision and identification of numbers from either road direction.  Numbers available in yellow or silver, shipped loose or can be factory applied upon request.

Reflective Marking in Use