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GreenLine Products

Goines Sign Company

The Leading Flexible Emergency Response Identification Markers Made from Recycled Materials

Residential Marking Posts

Our posts allow emergency personnel to easily find the resident in an emergency situation. 

May drastically cut down EMS arrival time.  Perfect for delivery services as well, such as UPS, FEDEX, USPS, etc. 

These posts will not break and will return to an upright position if run over.

The 911 posts are designed to be impact resistant, virtually indestructible, and will not fade over time. 

We use highly reflective numbering that will last for many years and is highly reflective at night.

The posts also have an anchor spur on the end to prevent removal after installation.

Examples of Marking Posts in actual settings

Anchor Kit

GreenLine's flexible anchor collapses during installation and then expands upon attempted removal.  It will permanently anchor posts in loose, sandy, or marshy soils. 

Product Features

  • Made with post-consumer recycled, engineered plastic.  Recyclable into itself and other GreenLine products.
  • Highly visible in daylight or nighttime conditions.
  • Reflective numbers allow for easy identification from two directions.
  • Solid color throughout, will not fade from UV exposure.
  • High impact-resistant material.
  • Flexibility makes them safer than steel or wood marking posts.
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting esthetics vs. wood, steel, or fiberglass.
  • Wide angle of reflectivity from emergency vehicle headlights.
  • Fast easy installation, needs no expensive installation equipment.
  • Free standing, locate addresses above brush, roadside vegetation,and snow.
  • Will not rust, rot, corrode or become brittle.