The GeoConex® Comprehensive Maintenance Program (CMP) is a premier user support program as well as an enhanced software licensing and subscription upgrade program.  Forged into the foundation of GeoConex® CMP is the belief that software development is a customer service business.  As members of the public safety and law enforcement community, we are your long-term partners and proactively look for ways to better serve your, our community members.

CMP is more than a service contract that supports GeoConex® products.  It’s a comprehensive technology acquisition and service subscription program.  CMP includes exclusive licensing privileges, continuous product upgrades, technical support, access to online resources, training subscriptions, volume-based product discounts, and much more.



  • CMP delivers fast access to problem resolution, as you demand it—GeoConex®  understands that emergency responders cannot be constrained by time, bureaucratic process, or administrative inefficiency.  CMP is designed with uncomplicated, direct access to technical support with rapid, competent response as its cornerstone.
  • CMP product licensing provides streamlined access and flexible utilization of GeoConex®  software throughout your site—We offer exclusive licensing options to our CMP subscribers ensuring that you make the most of your technology both in availability and budgeting.
  • CMP Versioning provides a phased approach to software upgrades and updates without additional cost—CMP Subscribers have the ability to incrementally take advantage of software updates as they become available.  This phased approach to adopting new technology reduces the learning curve for the user and ensures Subscribers have the latest technology.
  • CMP ConexSource enhances the user’s experience and contributes to the overall ease of use of the software—At GeoConex we believe that training is so essential for the user’s success that we provide our CMP Subscribers with exclusive access to our ConexSource Program for training, consulting, implementation, and mapping services.
  • Unique privileges and entitlements are reserved for CMP Subscribers—CMP entitlements offer unique benefits to our Subscribers—membership in GeoConex®  User Groups, volume discounts on product purchases, license administration, and much more.